Innovative LAPIP Therapy at Palmetto Periodontics

At Palmetto Periodontics, we are proud to offer LAPIP (Laser-Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure) treatments, a leading-edge solution for peri-implantitis, right here in Columbia, SC. Utilizing state-of-the-art laser technology, our clinic provides effective, minimally invasive treatments to combat implant-related & gum-related issues.

Understanding LAPIP

LAPIP is a patented laser treatment specifically designed to target and treat peri-implantitis, an inflammatory condition affecting the soft and hard tissues around dental implants. This protocol uses a specialized Nd:YAG laser to eliminate infected tissue and bacteria without harming the healthy tissue, promoting regeneration and recovery of the supporting structures around an implant.

Benefits of LAPIP Treatments

  • Targeted Infection Control: Directly addresses the infection around the implant, clearing away diseased tissues and pathogens.
  • Bone Regeneration: Encourages the regrowth of bone around the dental implant, potentially saving implants from failure.
  • Minimal Discomfort and Downtime: Patients experience minimal discomfort and a quicker recovery compared to traditional surgical methods.
  • Preservation of Healthy Tissue: The precision of the laser ensures that only diseased tissues are removed, protecting healthy gums and bone.

Dr. James P. Wilson: Expert in Laser Dentistry

Dr. James P. Wilson, our lead periodontist, is not only skilled in traditional periodontal treatments but is also an expert in advanced laser techniques like LAPIP and LANAP. With extensive training and experience, Dr. Wilson provides each patient with personalized care aimed at saving their dental implants and restoring oral health. His commitment to using cutting-edge technology and innovative procedures places Palmetto Periodontics at the forefront of dental care in Columbia!

The LAPIP Procedure Process

The treatment begins with a detailed examination to assess the severity of peri-implantitis and to plan the most effective approach.

Procedure Steps:

  1. Laser Application: The Nd:YAG laser is used to remove infected tissue and bacteria from around the implant.
  2. Calculus Removal: Ultrasonic tools and special instruments are used to clean the implant surface without damaging it.
  3. Biostimulation: The laser is then used to stimulate bone and tissue growth around the implant, aiding in recovery and healing.

Why Choose Palmetto Periodontics for Your LAPIP Needs

Palmetto Periodontics is situated just 10 miles from downtown Columbia, making it easily accessible for residents throughout Columbia and the surrounding Midlands, Richland County, Lexington, and Kershaw County. Our proximity to major local attractions like the Columbia Museum of Art and Sesquicentennial State Park enhances our clinic's accessibility for patients seeking top-tier dental care.

Our clinic is chosen for its advanced laser technology, exceptional patient care, and the profound expertise of Dr. James P. Wilson. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of treatment in a comfortable and professional environment, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.

“The friendly and professional staff guided me through the process without any discomfort. Outstanding care. I am extremely grateful for the attention and service provided by Dr. Wilson and his team.” - Smitty H.

Book Your LAPIP Consultation in Columbia, SC

If you are experiencing complications with your dental implants, do not wait for the condition to worsen. Contact Palmetto Periodontics today to schedule a consultation for LAPIP treatment. Call us at (803) 788-0900 or visit our office at 124 Alpine Circle, Columbia, South Carolina 29223. Let us help you preserve your dental implants and maintain your oral health with our expert care.