Advanced Ridge Augmentation at Palmetto Periodontics

Welcome to Palmetto Periodontics, your trusted provider for expert ridge augmentation procedures in Columbia, SC. Our clinic specializes in this advanced dental technique to restore the natural contour of the jaw and gums, often necessary after tooth extraction or when preparing for a dental implant.

What is Ridge Augmentation?

Ridge augmentation is a surgical procedure used to rebuild the bones of the jaw following tooth loss or extraction. This procedure is essential for patients who have experienced bone loss and require a solid foundation for future dental implants or those looking to improve the appearance of their jawline after tooth loss.

Benefits of Ridge Augmentation

  • Restores Jaw Contour: Helps in maintaining the natural shape of the jaw and gums, which can be altered by bone loss.
  • Improves Functionality: Provides the necessary bone structure for dental implants, enhancing the overall usability and strength of the jaw.
  • Enhances Aesthetic Appearance: Corrects indentations in the gums and jawbone to improve one’s smile and facial structure.
  • Prevents Further Oral Health Issues: Stabilizes the bone structure, preventing further deterioration and complications.

Dr. James P. Wilson’s Expertise

Dr. James P. Wilson, a respected periodontist at Palmetto Periodontics, brings extensive experience and precision to ridge augmentation procedures. His background in periodontal surgery and bone regeneration techniques ensures that patients receive the most effective care possible. Dr. Wilson’s dedication to using the latest advancements in dental technology and methods results in successful outcomes and satisfied patients.

The Ridge Augmentation Procedure

Our process begins with a comprehensive evaluation to assess your bone loss and discuss the best strategies for restoration.

Surgical Procedure:

  1. Grafting Material Placement: Bone graft material is placed in the tooth socket or where the bone loss has occurred.
  2. Tissue Management: The area is then secured with a membrane if necessary, to facilitate optimal bone regeneration.
  3. Healing Process: Patients are given detailed care instructions to ensure a successful healing phase.

Why Choose Palmetto Periodontics for Ridge Augmentation

Palmetto Periodontics is conveniently located just 10 miles from downtown Columbia, easily accessible to residents throughout Columbia and the surrounding areas including Lexington, Richland County, and Kershaw County. Our clinic is also near local attractions such as the Columbia Museum of Art and Sesquicentennial State Park, combining ease of access with a pleasant patient experience.

Patients choose our clinic for ridge augmentation because of our commitment to excellence, our state-of-the-art facilities, and Dr. Wilson’s expertise. We pride ourselves on providing detailed, patient-centered care that addresses both functional needs and aesthetic desires.

"Best dental experience ever! Everyone at this office is focused on delivering valuable and friendly service along with an exceptional degree of professionalism. The atmosphere is remarkably soothing, and the associates all appear to be happy being employed here. So glad I was referred to this office for specialty dental work. My sincere thanks to Dr. Wilson and his staff for taking such good care of me!” - Beverly P.

Schedule Your Ridge Augmentation Consultation in Columbia, SC

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