Expert Tooth Extraction Services at Palmetto Periodontics

At Palmetto Periodontics, we understand that the decision to have a tooth extracted can be daunting. That's why we are committed to providing expert, gentle tooth extraction services in Columbia, SC. Our goal is to ensure that your procedure is as comfortable and pain-free as possible, using the latest techniques and technologies.

Understanding Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction involves the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. It is typically required when decay has made the tooth non-salvageable, when there is severe periodontal disease, or to help alleviate crowding in the mouth before orthodontics.

Benefits of Professional Tooth Extractions

  • Pain Relief: Removal of a damaged or decayed tooth can immediately alleviate pain.
  • Prevents Further Infection: Extracting a compromised tooth can prevent the spread of infection to other areas of the mouth.
  • Improves Oral Health: Helps to maintain overall oral health and prepares the mouth for further dental work like implants or dentures.

Dr. James P. Wilson: Skilled in Advanced Extraction Techniques

Dr. James P. Wilson, a leading periodontist at Palmetto Periodontics, brings extensive experience to each extraction procedure. Trained in the latest extraction methods and pain management techniques, Dr. Wilson ensures that your experience is as comfortable as possible. His qualifications include advanced training in periodontal surgery, an assistant professorship at the American Academy of Periodontology, and significant contributions to dental literature.

Our Tooth Extraction Process

Every treatment begins with a detailed examination to determine the necessity of the extraction and to discuss any concerns you might have.

Extraction Procedure:

  1. Preparation: The area around the tooth is numbed to ensure comfort.
  2. Extraction: The tooth is gently removed using precise techniques.
  3. Post-Procedure Care: Detailed instructions are provided to ensure a smooth recovery, including tips on managing discomfort and promoting healing.

Choose Palmetto Periodontics for Your Tooth Extraction Needs

Palmetto Periodontics is centrally located just 10 miles from downtown Columbia, accessible to patients from the Midlands, Richland County, Lexington, and Kershaw County. Our proximity to local attractions like the Columbia Museum of Art and Sesquicentennial State Park makes visiting us convenient and pleasant.

Our commitment to advanced technology, expert care, and a patient-first approach makes Palmetto Periodontics the preferred choice for tooth extractions in Columbia, SC. Whether you are dealing with an emergency situation or planning for future dental work, we are here to support you every step of the way.

“Everyone at this office is focused on delivering valuable and friendly service along with an exceptional degree of professionalism. The atmosphere is remarkably soothing, and the associates all appear to be happy being employed here. So glad I was referred to this office for specialty dental work. My sincere thanks to Dr. Wilson and his staff for taking such good care of me!” - Beverly P.

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