Precision Surgical Exposure Treatments at Palmetto Periodontics

Welcome to Palmetto Periodontics, your trusted provider for surgical exposure procedures in Columbia, SC. We specialize in this critical dental treatment, designed to aid in the proper alignment of teeth by exposing teeth that are impacted or not erupting correctly.

What Is Surgical Exposure?

Surgical exposure, also known as tooth exposure, is a procedure performed to assist in the orthodontic treatment of impacted teeth. Typically used for canines that have not erupted naturally, the procedure involves surgically exposing the tooth and attaching an orthodontic bracket. This bracket helps to guide the tooth into its correct position in the dental arch.

Benefits of Surgical Exposure

  • Facilitates Orthodontic Treatment: Allows orthodontists to bring impacted teeth into alignment with other teeth.
  • Prevents Complications: Helps avoid potential complications related to impacted teeth, such as cyst formation or damage to adjacent teeth.
  • Improves Aesthetics and Functionality: Aids in achieving a complete and functional bite, enhancing both the appearance and effectiveness of one’s bite.

Dr. James P. Wilson's Expertise

Dr. James P. Wilson, our leading periodontist, has extensive experience with surgical exposure procedures. His precise and careful approach ensures that the treatment is not only effective but also minimizes discomfort and recovery time for patients.

Surgical Exposure Procedure at Palmetto Periodontics

Each treatment begins with a thorough examination and imaging to assess the position of the impacted tooth and plan the best course of action.

Procedure Steps:

  1. Accessing the Tooth: The gum and bone covering the impacted tooth are carefully removed to expose the tooth.
  2. Bracket Attachment: An orthodontic bracket with a small chain is attached to the tooth. The chain is used to gradually pull the tooth into place over time, as part of the patient’s ongoing orthodontic treatment.
  3. Closure: The gum is repositioned, and the area is sutured to heal properly, leaving the chain accessible for the orthodontist to use.

Why Choose Palmetto Periodontics for Surgical Exposure

Patients choose Palmetto Periodontics for surgical exposure procedures because of our commitment to excellence, the advanced techniques we employ, and the comprehensive care we provide. Dr. Wilson’s expertise and our team's compassionate approach ensure that every patient receives personalized and effective treatment.

“While I was not looking forward to the treatment, it turned out to be perfectly fine. The friendly and professional staff guided me through the process without any discomfort.  Outstanding care.” - Smitty H.

Our clinic is ideally located just 10 miles from downtown Columbia, providing easy access to residents throughout Columbia and surrounding areas including Lexington, Richland County, and Kershaw County. Our proximity to key local attractions enhances the convenience for patients who might be visiting from neighboring areas.

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