Guided Tissue & Bone Regeneration in Columbia, SC

Guided Tissue & Bone Regeneration in Columbia, SC

Leading-Edge Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration at Palmetto Periodontics

Welcome to Palmetto Periodontics, your destination for advanced guided tissue and bone regeneration techniques in Columbia, SC. Our clinic is dedicated to providing the most effective treatments to restore oral health and support dental restorations, using cutting-edge technologies in a caring and professional environment.

Understanding Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration

Guided tissue and bone regeneration are specialized procedures aimed at encouraging the body’s natural healing processes to regenerate bone and gum tissue. These techniques are essential for patients with periodontal disease, or those needing dental implants, to ensure sufficient support and improve outcomes.

Benefits of Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration

  • Enhanced Healing: Promotes natural bone and tissue growth for better structural support.
  • Support for Dental Implants: Creates a more stable base for implants, increasing their longevity and success.
  • Improved Aesthetics and Function: Helps maintain facial structure and improves the functionality of teeth.

Expertise of Dr. James P. Wilson in Regenerative Procedures

Dr. James P. Wilson, a renowned periodontist at Palmetto Periodontics, brings a wealth of expertise to every regenerative procedure. With extensive training in the latest regenerative techniques, Dr. Wilson ensures optimal outcomes for our patients. His professional accolades include teaching at the American Academy of Periodontology and contributions to peer-reviewed journals, enhancing our clinic’s standing in the field of periodontal therapy.

The Process of Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration

Each treatment starts with a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose the extent of tissue and bone loss and to plan the most effective regeneration strategy.

Procedure Steps:

  1. Preparation: The treatment area is prepared, ensuring cleanliness and safety.
  2. Regenerative Material Placement: Biocompatible materials, such as membranes, grafts, or tissue-stimulating proteins, are placed to facilitate and guide the regeneration.
  3. Recovery and Monitoring: Patients receive detailed post-procedural care instructions and are closely monitored throughout the healing process to ensure successful outcomes.

Why Choose Palmetto Periodontics for Your Regenerative Needs

Palmetto Periodontics is conveniently situated just 10 miles from downtown Columbia, serving patients from Columbia, including the Midlands, Richland County, Lexington, and Kershaw County. Our clinic’s location near popular local attractions like the Columbia Museum of Art and Sesquicentennial State Park makes it an ideal choice for patients seeking top-tier dental care combined with convenience.

Patients trust Palmetto Periodontics for our advanced regenerative techniques, expert care, and commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction. Our practice uses state-of-the-art technology and follows the latest advances in dental care to ensure you receive the best possible treatment.

“Best dental experience ever! Everyone at this office is focused on delivering valuable and friendly service along with an exceptional degree of professionalism. The atmosphere is remarkably soothing, and the associates all appear to be happy being employed here. So glad I was referred to this office for specialty dental work. My sincere thanks to Dr. Wilson and his staff for taking such good care of me!” - Beverly P.

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Ready to improve your oral health with guided tissue and bone regeneration? Contact Palmetto Periodontics today at (803) 788-0900 or visit us at 124 Alpine Circle, Columbia, South Carolina 29223. Dr. James P. Wilson and our dedicated team are here to help you achieve the best results with personalized care and advanced treatment options.